Elora & Fergus Tourism

“Nestled in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, we are an established tourism destination, proud of our world class arts community, picturesque heritage towns, stunning scenery and a thriving sports and cultural scene catering to every age and taste.

There is good fun to be had in every season. We go all year (and sometimes all night) with some of the greatest award-winning and to be discovered festivals and events. We take pride in our wide-range of restaurants and eateries, farmers’ markets and culinary artisans. Our charming downtowns offer one-of-a-kind shopping experiences, walking tours and art exhibits, while our innkeepers are experts in hospitality – each offering unique charm, diverse menus and hosts you may one day come to think of as friends. All this amid rolling hills, dramatic cliffs, and majestic waters.”

Riverfest Elora

The festival, held along the banks of the Grand River, has come a long way since its humble beginnings as a backyard festival just 10 years ago … wow, it’s already been a decade?

Riverfest Elora returns this year for festival number 10. Get ready for three days of art, food trucks, arts and craft vendors, community and of course, music!

Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory

Situated on a 107 acre site which includes the environmental sensitive Kossuth Bog, the 25,000 square foot facility includes a 10,800 square foot indoor tropical garden featuring 1000’s of free flying butterflies from all over the world, over 100 different varieties of tropical plants, waterfalls, streams, reflecting pools, tropical finches, Chinese painted quails and red-eared slider turtles.


Welcome to Limegrove

Limegrove, located in Holetown, is the best place to shop in Barbados, offering an unmatched selection of luxury and duty-free jewellery, apparel and accessories. The shopping destination features more than 100,000 square feet of some of the world’s leading retail brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Longchamp, Hugo BOSS, M.A.C., Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Cartier as well as many specialty retailers.

In addition to shopping, Limegrove features an art gallery, spa, two cinemas, several bars, restaurants and eateries, and The Grove Residences.

Dubbed by London’s “Daily Telegraph” as “the most stylish place to shop and dine” in Barbados, Limegrove is conveniently located near hotels on the island’s West Coast. It is a premium experience in fashion, food, film, art, music and culture and is unquestionably one of the top places to visit in Barbados.

The eBar & Greenroom

The Downtown Guelph Business Association is made up of over 450 businesses in the city’s downtown core. These businesses represent our city’s thriving retail, hospitality, service and professional sectors. The DGBA takes a leadership role in creating a vibrant and user-friendly environment downtown. This is achieved through research, consultation, promotions and advocacy.
The DGBA attracts visitors and tourists to our city’s core through seasonal promotions and events.

Watch the collective video feed from Digital Main Street Forum – 2018

Date / Time
Friday, April 20th, 2018
9:30 am - 4:30 pm
Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen St. West, Toronto
The Digital Main Street Forum aims to assist main street in embracing digital technologies to build and grow their business – from online marketing and leveraging data to better engage your clients, to adopting ecommerce to reach a broader customer base, the Digital Main Street Forum will help you navigate the "Why" and "How To" of embracing both bricks and clicks for your business.

Digital Main


The Future of Commerce: Automation, Consumer Loyalty, and Data Driven Businesses


Smartphones are making it easier for consumers to be smarter and strategic when it comes to what they purchase and consume. Increasingly we tune out advertisements, even use technology to block them, and instead rely upon recommendations from our social networks that influence what we buy. Reputation plays a central role as ratings and reviews influence purchasing decisions. Loyalty marketing continues to evolve, and predictive analytics offers the elusive opportunity to actually anticipate what people will buy (and when). What are the tools and skills you need to thrive and prosper in a highly competitive and turbulent marketplace? How can you ensure a human touch in an era of automation?
There’s No Such Thing As “Social Media Marketing”
Dani notes, “Social media was created as a social tool, not a marketing tool.” If you’re actually going to reach an audience, you have to write for your target market, not as a way to further your business. That means making content interactive, clever and truly social; and framing it to reflect the things the Internet is talking about (to ensure it is more widely shared). A recent example: Ms. Gagnon persuaded an insurance company to reference TV show The Walking Dead on its Facebook Page by launching a poll titled, “Which character is most likely to need life insurance this season?”

Demystifying Data


The Internet has made us seriously delirious from data. We are living in mad crazed data driven world and analysis paralysis has crept in – YES Data has a dark side. Corrine will demystify it for you, “because data is just a story based on facts that has a soul”. She will show you how data can support your authenticity rather than your insanity. Data doesn’t really matter, only opinions and stories formed from the data matter.

Village Conference Centre

Experience the OBIAA 2018 conference through eyes of everyone attending.

OBIAA is the network that represents unique and vibrant BIAs across Ontario, it supports and advocates on behalf of its members through the building and nurturing of strong relationships and partnerships.

The Ontario BIA Association (OBIAA), since 2001, acts as an important resource for education, partnership and collaboration to each BIA across the province. OBIAA recognizes the power of networking, the strength in numbers and the value of sharing common concerns and finding resolutions specific to our individual communities.

Visit: Obiaa.com